This past season Joondalup Brothers have seen a high number of players, coaches and managers selected for higher honours. In fact we have been represented in every regional & state team from U14 through to State Schoolboys and State U20’s to Perth Spirit and the Australian Barbarians. This is an achievement to be very proud of. In addition to seeing our players selected, we have also seen our coaches and managers gain selections as they were appointments to lead teams as well.

State Representatives

Perth Spirit National Rugby Championship

State 20s Southern States Championships

State Schoolboys

State 17s Junior Gold Cup

  • Jordan Kempton
  • Isaac Cavu
  • Clay Uyen
  • Lorenzo Mario
  • Toro Reedy

State 15s Junior Gold Cup

  • Victor Harris
  • Tiago Valentim
  • Liam Gourlie
  • Marnus Spangenberg
  • Shaun Kapene
  • Arno Visser (Head Coach)
  • David Wells (Coach)

North Regional Representatives

Under 16s

Under 15s

Under 14s

  • Tapia Mason
  • Oliver Callan
  • Luke Bolton
  • Joe Howard
  • David Wells (Head Coach)
  • Arno Visser (Assistant Coach)